Import Contacts with Gammu

After syncing my contacts between Thunderbird / Google / iPhone I realized that all my contacts were stuck in my old phone (Nokia 6230). I'll explain here how I managed to extract all the contact info from Nokia phone to feed them in my new shared contact list.

This was tested on Ubuntu (karmic), and instructions will target this system.


We'll use a application to get vCards Contact list out of the phone through the bluetooth connection. Then importing this to thunderbird will be trivial.

Extraction of Contacts from Phone

I use gammu (you might need to check the installation pages to see how to install it):

# gammu backup save.vcf

This will create the "save.vcf" file containing all your contact. You should not use "save.ldif" format as it will mess up fields names and won't correctly be imported by Thunderbird.

Convert VCF file to LDIF file (correctly)

The trick now is to use this Online VCF to Ldif converter (which don't mess with Thunderbird fields) to convert your "save.vcf" file.

Import file in Thunderbird

You can now safely import contacts as Text/Ldif contact list in Thunderbird's Contact Manager. They will be put in a separate contact book. You'll have to move (drag & drop) all your contact to your synchronized contact.

You should check carefully that fields are correct. If you have several duplicates, you should check my next blog entry.

Et voilĂ  !