Monthly Archives: November 2010

simple gnome-terminal bomb

In the need of an (other) argument against gnome-terminal (as of version 2.30.2-0ubuntu1 in lucid) ? Run this command in a more than 200+ column wide terminal: for _c in $(seq 1 512); do for i in $(seq 1 $(stty …

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Inheriting from a builtin strangeness

In python, when inheriting from a builtin, you must be carefull as your object won't follow common rules.

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Enabling Ctrl-S for forward-history-search in bash

Ctrl-R and Ctrl-S are advertised in every readline command-line to do backward and forward search in your command history (as emacs does on text with the same shortcuts). And you've probably come to the fact that if Ctrl-R is working …

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