Monthly Archives: April 2012

cleaned and released kal-shlib-* code and dd_rhelp

This is a long time since I wrote the first line of this shell script library which has followed me since then. These library were managed on subversion, so this was the opportunity to move them toward GIT. kal-shlib-core -- …

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sun flares vs earth

This 15th of April 2012, a magnificient solar flare erupted from the sun in the right angle to get perfect shots. The dailymail has many NASA footages, including videos and wide images. I was wondering how the size of earth …

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SpamAssassin, Amavis and ubuntu

If running spamassassin (SA) with amavis without usage of spamd on ubuntu 10.04 and you feel that sa-learn isn't working right, here are a few tips. I had mails that were false positive and I had to dig a little …

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